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taylily lettering is a modern calligraphy and lettering studio based in Fargo, ND that offers a variety of services to help tell your story through handmade details. 


hey there!

Whether you're here because...


you're a fan of pretty writing and have big dreams for your wedding or special event



you have a pretty little project in mind and are wondering if we can help


let me tell you... you're in the right place! Browse our gallery for inspo and take a peek at all the custom calligraphy options that we offer!

Vowbook Calligraphy.jpg

Hi, I'm Tayler!

The girl behind the pretty handwriting
Even at a young age, I had a love for writing and was drawn to blank pages of paper. I volunteered whenever given the option, and was always nominated to write on the whiteboard for class projects. I was known for my neat writing and told I should pursue sign-making or something of the sort, which I had always thought was so cool but was too unique of a career to actually do and make a living.

Fast forward to now and here I am, creating signage and handlettered details for so many sweet wedding couples and event planners. I couldn't have dreamt it up any better!

Headshots 01 - Amber Langerud Photograph

Tayler is amazing! I first had her do some vow books and personalized bridal party boxes for my wedding and I was in AWE. So I ordered a family sign with my new last name. And then some ornaments for Christmas gifts and a baby shower gift a few months later... you get the point. I am never disappointed! 100% recommend her!


Show your unique style with handlettered details.

Ready to make your words pretty?

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